So you did it. You just shelled out several hundred bucks for the iPad 2. You want the world to know, but you also want protect it. The Smart Cover is great and all, but it leaves the back of your ‘Pad a little, well, naked. Other cases cover the entire iPad 2, but you haven’t found one that’s quite your cup of tea. What to do?
We have a solution: Fender, a clear plastic bumper that protects your iPad 2’s sides and corners, without encasing the entire unit. Fender complements and is fully functional with the Apple Smart Cover, for times when you also need front coverage.
Rene Diaz (“Gyro”) submitted this idea to our iPad 2 accessories brief, Vincent Vedie contributed the design, and636 influencers chipped in to make it a reality. Fender is now available in the Quirky store for $18 presale ($20 retail) with a threshold of 1000. Congratulations to all!
– Made of clear frosted ABS plastic with grey rubber corners and a thin grey rubber border on the back.
– Snaps in place to fit the iPad 2.
– Rubber corners protect from bumps and falls, while a rubber border grips tabletops.
– Fully functional with the Apple Smart Cover.
7.5″ x 9.75″ (designed to fit the iPad 2)